Nomination for an IFToMM Award


Procedure Reference


Obtain letters of reference from at least three, but not more than five, references well acquainted with the nominee’s qualifications as they relate to the requirements of the award. To avoid potential conflicts of interest, participation of nominators and references that have a monetary relationship with, or are immediate superiors of, a nominee is strongly discouraged. If the nominators are close professional or business associates of the nominee, make sure that the references include names of those outside the immediate associates of the nominee. Attach the reference letters to the nomination package.

Give complete statements of the specific ways in which the nominee meets the requirements for the honor. Be sure to support all claims made on the individual's accomplishments.

(This section not needed for the Dedicated Service Award) List no more than 15 in approximate order of significance and comment on the most important up to a maximum of 5. Please cite those publications, which specifically support the nominee’s achievements and establish a claim to the honor for which the individual is nominated. If there are no publications, please so indicate.

Give birth date and place, citizenship, education, positions held, honors, IFToMM activities, and participation in other scientific societies. For a nominee having many honors, those honors should be included that support the achievements for which the individual is being nominated.