Last Updated: December 2002
Maintained by: Professor Leila Notash, Editor

President's Column

Our focus at the present time, and in 2003, is the World Congress to be held in Tianjin, China August 18-21, 2003. The process of reviewing papers for the World Congress is in full swing at the time of writing this column. 550 full papers have been submitted.

I had the pleasure of visiting Tianjin this last August 5-8. I visited the facilities we will be using for the World Congress, and met with the organizing committee. I can report that the conference hotel is an excellent facility, and the accommodations there represent very good value for money. While it is only listed as a three star hotel, the standard of the rooms and facilities such as meeting rooms and restaurants that we will use is as good as many four or five star hotels I have stayed in. The hotel is a short block, and one busy street crossing, from the Tianjin University campus where other accommodations are located.

I also visited the hotels actually on the campus of Tianjin University and the adjoining campus that will provide additional, relatively low cost accommodations. These are proper hotels maintained for the accommodation of visiting scholars etc. While they are not as new as the conference hotel, the rooms are clean, and adequately furnished, and have attached bathrooms.

The city of Tianjin is actually one of the largest in China. While it lacks the monumental attractions of nearby Beijing, there are wonderful opportunities for shopping and to visit the manufacturers of handicrafts.

The time of my visit was deliberately chosen to be close to the dates of the congress. I can report that the weather was pleasant and, while certainly warm, was not excessively hot. There was a short period of rain, which I understand is characteristic of the season and moderates the temperature.

During the past year a number of highly successful IFToMM sponsored conferences took place. Among others these included the 2002 ARK (Advances in Robot Kinematics) conference that was held June 24th to 27th in Caldes de Malavella (near Barcelona) Spain. The 2002 ROMANSY conference was held in Udine, Italy July 1st to 4th. During the month of September there was the International Symposium on Multibody Systems and Mechatronics in Mexico September 12th-15th, the 5th CLAWAR (Climbing and Walking Robots) conference in Paris (September 12th-15th) and the 6th International Conference on Rotor Dynamics in Sydney, Australia (September 30th to October 3rd), as well as the ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences held in Montreal. Details of upcoming conferences and other activities can be found on the IFToMM web site (

The IFToMM Executive Council met in Udine, Italy immediately after ROMANSY on July 6th. The next meeting will be during the World Congress in Tianjin.

Unfortunately, the sad news of colleagues passing from among us continues. During the past year we lost Professor Zeno Terplan, who had represented Hungary in various capacities within IFToMM since its inception. Professor Terplan passed away on January 16th 2002. We also lost Professor Kenneth Hunt, from Australia, who was a former member of the Executive Council, and a life member.

Professor Joseph Duffy of the University of Florida, who was an active participant in many IFToMM functions passed away on March 12th 2002, and Professor Lung-Wen Tsai, who was well known as the editor of the ASME Transactions Journal of Mechanical Design, and also a participant in IFToMM activities passed away at his home in Riverside, California on November 29th 2002.

Professor Kenneth J. Waldron

Editor's Message

Dear readers:

I would like to thank all IFToMM Officers that have contributed to the past two issues of the IFToMM Newsletter, which I have been responsible for putting together, and the supporting emails I have received since then.

This issue of the Newsletter contains a message from Professor Kenneth Waldron, IFToMM President, highlighting the IFToMM activities in 2002 and emphasizing the 2003 World Congress which will be held in Tianjin, China; a message from Professor Tatu Leinonen, Secretary General, regarding the IFToMM Executive Council; as well as several contributions from IFToMM Nominating Committee, IFToMM Permanent Commissions (PC), and IFToMM Officers.

Since 2001 the Newsletter has been published by the IFToMM PC on Communications. The Newsletter contributions are published in any of the four IFToMM official languages, English, French, German, and Russian. Contributions submitted in other official languages than English are expected to be accompanied by an English abstract.

I will look forward to receiving your contributions for the 2003 issue of the Newsletter. Similar to the 2002 issue, please submit your entries as a WORD document or in PDF format, if possible.

Message From the Secretary General

Highlights of the 35th IFToMM Executive Council Meeting

The 35th IFToMM Executive Council Meeting was held on July 5-6, 2002 in Udine, Italy. In the meeting the following items were handled:

The President, Professor Kenneth Waldron, reported from the period June 2001 to May 2002 as follows:

  • Two journals, Mechanism and Machine Theory and Problems in Applied Mechanics, are published.
  • During the past year two very well known scientists Professor Zeno Terplan and Professor Joseph Duffy passed away.
  • Some conferences were also mentioned.

The Secretary General reported from the period June 2001 to May 2002 as follows:

  • The Minutes of the 34th Executive Council Meeting were written and, after approval by the President, distributed together with all appendices to the members of Executive Council, Chairmen of Permanent Commissions, Technical Committees and IFToMM Member Committees.
  • The decisions of EC were also reported in IFToMM Newsletter Vol10-1 and in Internet.
  • SG Tatu Leinonen visited Minsk in October 2001 where the member committee of Belarus was a host.
  • SG Tatu Leinonen has been a member of program or scientific steering committee in the following conferences or symposiums:
    1. The 11th World Congress of IFToMM
    2. IFToMM Reliability Symposium October 16-17, 2001 in Minsk, Belarus
    3. Vibroengineering-2001, October 15-16, 2001 in Kaunas, Lithuania
    4. TMCE 2002 Symposium, April 22-26, 2002 in Wuhan, P.R. China
    5. MuSME 2002, September 12-15, 2002 in Mexico City, Mexico.

The reports of Chairs of Permanent Commissions and Technical Committees were presented in the meeting.

The Chairs of two TCs were elected for the period of 2003-2005 as follows:

Professor Alberto Rovetta has been the Chair of TC Micromachines during the year 2002. EC decided to ask Professor A. Rovetta to continue this chairmanship during the next three years, 2003 – 2005. He accepted the invitation.

Professor J.C. Guinot has asked to resign from the Chair of TC Robotics. The EC decided to appoint Professor Bodo Heimann from Hannover, Germany to the new Chair for the three years period 2003 – 2005.

Dr. Robert Bicker submitted the Treasurer's 2001 Report. According to Dr. Bicker’s Report, some countries have not paid their subscriptions for several years. Professor Jorge Angeles offered Dr. Bicker his help in dealing with the most difficult cases. The Treasurer presented the budget for 2002, and the proposed budget for 2003, which were accepted.

IFToMM General Assembly has decided to accept the application of Chinese member committee to have the next IFToMM World Congress in 2003 in Tianjin China. Professor Tian Huang reported about the arrangements for the Congress.

Professor Tian Huang kindly invited the EC to Tianjin, P.R. China, on August 17-21, 2003 to hold there the next meeting. The invitation was accepted.

Professor, Dr.Sc. Tatu Leinonen


Professor Ali Seireg, A Past Senior Vice President of ASME

Professor Emeritus Ali A. Seireg, age 74, passed away on Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2002. He was born in Mehalla, Egypt, and came to the U.S. for his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. While studying at the University of Wisconsin, he met his wife, also a UW graduate, Shirley Marachowsky of Portage. Their daughter, Mirette, lives in Okinawa, Japan, with her husband, Major Todd Ohman, U.S. Marine Corps, and daughter, Mariana. Their daughter, Pamela, lives in Oak Brook, Ill., with her husband, Michael Terry, and their daughter, Grace.

Professor Seireg lectured at Cairo University from 1954-56; he then joined the Falk Corp. in Milwaukee as a research engineer, then as an advisory engineer in 1956 and as a consultant from 1960 until 1996. He became a professor of theoretical and applied mechanics at Marquette University from 1960-65 and joined the professorial faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1965. He was a biomechanics consultant for the Veteran Administration Research Center and served as a consultant to NASA Technology Application Team, the U.S. Navy, U.S. State Department and National Science Foundation. Since 1986, he was the Ebaugh chaired professor in mechanical engineering at the University of Florida and the Kaiser chair from the University of Wisconsin. The Seiregs divided their time between Madison and Gainesville, Fla.

During his lifetime, he published seven books and 300 archival papers. He was president of the Gear Research Institute from 1983-1993, and the founding editor of the new American Society of Mechanical Engineers Hybrid Journal on Computers in Mechanical Engineering: CIME. He has several patents and copyrights. Supervising more then 300 M.S. and Ph.D. dissertations, he received the George Westinghouse Award from the American Society for Engineering Education in 1970, the Richards Memorial Award of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1973, E.P. Connel Award of the American Gear Manufacturing Association in 1974, and was visiting distinguished lecturer from North Carolina State University in 1975, from Penn State University in 1976 and New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1983. In 1987 he received the Limonosov Medal from the USSR Academy of Sciences and an honorary membership in the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society; in 1988, the Kuwait Prize for Science; in 1989, a Foreign Member USSR Academy of Science; in 1990, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Design Automation Award; and in 2000, a Foreign Member of the Yugoslav Academy of Engineering. He created a "Walking Machine" for paraplegics. It is a permanent exhibit in the Wellcome Museum of the History of Medicine, Science Museum, in London, England. As founding editor of SOMA, "Engineering for the Human Body," he served on the editorial board of international journals and was editor of the Wiley Series on Engineering Design. His biographical listings include: "Who's Who In America," "Wisconsin Men of Achievement," "Who's Who in the Midwest," "Outstanding Educators in America," "Two Thousand Notable Americans," "Who's Who on the Frontiers of Science and Technology," "Five Hundred People of Influence," "International Book of Honor" and "Men of the Millennium."

The family has established an "Ali Seireg Memorial Fund" for the University of Wisconsin Cancer Research Center. Their address is Room K-4-658, 600 Highland Ave., Madison, WI 53792-6164.

Professor Lung-Wen Tsai, Technical Editor of the ASME Transactions Journal of Mechanical Design

Professor Tsai passed away on November 29, 2002 at the age of 57. He was a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at UC-Riverside. In addition to his university duties, Professor Tsai served the mechanical engineering professional community in many ways. Much of that service was associated with the Design Engineering Division. Very notably, he was the Technical Editor of the ASME Transactions Journal of Mechanical Design since 1998. He was due to finish his term as Editor at the end of the current year.

Professor Tsai served the Division in numerous other capacities. Particularly noteworthy was his service as General Chair of the International Design Engineering Technical Conferences held in Baltimore, Maryland in 2000. He also served as a member of, and chair of the Mechanisms Committee of the Division.

Professor Bahram Ravani
Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
University of California-Davis

Nominees for 2004-2007 IFToMM Executive Council

The IFToMM Nominating Committee is pleased to submit to the General Assembly the slate of nominees for the 10 positions of the Executive Council for the 2004-2007 term:

1. President: Prof. Kenneth J. Waldron USA
2. Vice-President: Prof. Tian Huang China-Beijing
3. Secretary General: Prof. Marco Ceccarelli Italy
4. Treasurer: Dr. Joe Rooney UK
5. Member: Prof. James Trevelyan Australia
6. Member: Prof. Manfred Hiller Germany
7. Member: Prof. Hirofumi Mira Japan
8. Member: Prof. Carlos S. Lopez-Cajun Mexico
9. Member: Prof. Krzystof Kedzior Poland
10. Member: Dr. Theodor Ionescu Romania
The Nominating Committee: Profs. Jorge Angeles, Canada (Chair); Hong-Sen Yan, China-Taipei; Elisabeth Filemon (Hungary); Joseph K. Davidson (USA)

Standardisation of Terminology

I am honoured and happy to inform you that the IFToMM Permanent Commission for Standardisation of Terminology has completed the new edition of the mechanism and machine science (MMS) terminology, which is now in the preparatory works for publication.

This edition, the third, represents a further step in enhancing the MMS terminology, following the first edition published in the IFToMM journal Mechanism and Machine Theory Vol. 18, No.6 (1983) and the second one, published in the same journal Vol. 26, No. 5 (1991).

It contains:

  • a "basic core" of 771 terms and definitions in English, French, German, Russian languages resulted by revising / updating, completing (with System & Model and Robotics terms) and partly rearranging the 1990 edition. It is organized in seven chapters: Generalities, Structure of Machines and Mechanisms, Kinematics, Dynamics, Machine Control and Measurements, Robotics, General Terms used in MMS, partly expressing the natural structure and divisions of MMS;
  • a "supplement" of 823 terms and definitions in English language resulted by developing MMS existing and new subdomains as Dynamics, Rotor dynamics & Measurement, Vibrations & Oscillations, Stability, Biomechanics, Gearing, Mechatronics. It is organized in seven new chapters, each one alphabetically arranged for the sake of facilitating the future development. These chapters express actual trends and challenges in MMS and as well IFToMM Technical Committees' preoccupations.

The entire documentation, thoroughly discussed at IFToMM Permanent Commission for Standardisation of Terminology working meetings in Poitiers (1992), Delft (1994), Warsaw (1996), Brno (1998), Kaunas (2000) and Mezotur (2002), is an outcome of the dedicated personal and team activity of: Prof. A. J. Klein Breteler, Prof. C. W. Stammers (English language responsible), Prof. J. P. Lallemand (French language responsible), Prof. G. Bögelsack (German language responsible), Prof. V. Plakhtin (Russian language responsible), Prof. T. Leinonen, Prof. A. Morecki,* Prof. I. Biro, Prof. J. Novotny, Dr. V. Oravsky, Prof. I Salyi*, Prof. S. Segľa, Prof. T. E. Shoup, Dr. H. Socha, Prof. V. E. Starzhinsky, Prof. R. T. Tolocka. Many specialists inside and outside IFToMM were as well consulted and contributed to this terminology. Fruitful cooperation with IFToMM Technical Committees for Nonlinear Oscillations and for Gearing is particularly mentioned.

This edition was first presented to the IFToMM Executive Council in Milano (2001) and approved at the Executive Council in Udine (2002).

Addressed to the MMS community at large for extensive instrumental use, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of IFToMM Permanent Commission for Standardization of Terminology, we also hope this work to become a useful stage and reference as well for the future terminological developments.

Having at its horizons new terminological achievements, work for a future edition is already in course within our commission. However, any comments and/or proposals meant to improve this present realization are most welcome.

Among our PC present and future preoccupations are: completing the "supplement" part of the terminology in French, German, Russian languages, tackling new domains of interest (micromechanisms for example), preparing the "electronic" version of the MMS terminology to be launched on Internet, and as well promoting the translation of the present edition in other languages as Chinese, Japanese, etc.

With all these in mind, I am herewith respectfully asking for strengthening cooperation within IFToMM and kindly inviting your qualified opinions on new trends and aims in enhancing our terminology; other contributions on this subject expressing the opinions of IFToMM PCs and TCs, as well as those of all national member committees are welcome. I am using this opportunity to invite the community at large of all individuals working in the various fields of mechanisms and machines to contribute to promoting the MMS standardized terminology.

Please feel free to contact me. (

Dr. Theodor IONESCU
Chair, Permanent Commission for Standardization of Terminology

Constitution Committee

As Chair of the Constitution Committee, I am preparing a set of constitutional reforms, to be submitted to the General Assembly in its upcoming meeting, during the 11th World Congress on Mechanism and Machine Science. I urge the whole IFToMM community to transmit their suggestions, preferably via their Committee Chair.

Since I must submit the constitutional reforms early on to the Secretary General, Prof. Tatu Leinonen, I will entertain those reform proposals reaching my E-mail address ( not later than March 31, 2003.

I take the opportunity to wish you all very happy end-of-year holidays and a successful and enjoyable new year.

Professor Jorge Angeles

People in IFToMM over time

IFToMM activity has been carried out through the work of many people who sometimes have been forgotten. In the following tables we have collected sparse information on the names of IFToMM officers over time as an attempt to give a view of many persons who have served for IFToMM success. This is also to give further stimulus for more participation of persons from all members of IFToMM.

The second table on Chairpersons of PCs and TCs may be incomplete and therefore this first publication of it has the purpose to achieve more information and complete it. Therefore any reader who can give a documented information on the names and periods are kindly invited to send an e-mail message to

We need to identify the persons who have served in the PCs and TCs both to recognize their efforts and to give an identity to IFToMM through the persons who have served for it.

Cassino, October 7, 2002

Prof. Marco Ceccarelli

Chairman of the IFToMM Permanent Commssion for History of MMS

Laboratory of Robotics and Mechatronics

DiMSAT, University of Cassino, Via Di Biasio 43, 03043 Cassino (Fr), Italy


Table A: IFToMM Executive Council (*)

Term President Vice-President Secretary General Treasurer Members
1969-1971 Ivan I. Artobolevskii (USSR) F.R. Erskine Crossley (USA) M.S. Konstantinov (Bulgaria) Werner Thomas (West Germany) B.M. Belgaumkar (India)
K.H. Hunt (Australia)
Jan Oderfeld (Poland)
1971-1975 Ivan I. Artobolevskii (USSR) F.R. Erskine Crossley (USA) M.S. Konstantinov Emil Stanchev (acting) (Bulgaria) Werner Thomas (West Germany) Giovanni Bianchi (Italy) Leonard Maunder (England) Jan Oderfeld (Poland) Theodor Pantelic (Yugoslavia) Jack Phillips (Australia)
1975-1979 Leonard Maunder (United Kingdom) C.S. Pelecudi (Romania) Adam Morecki (Poland) H. Rankers (The Netherlands) Arcady P. Bessonov (USSR) Giovanni Bianchi (Italy) Kurt Luck (German Democratic Rep) T Pantelic (Yugoslavia) Jack Phillips (Australia) Bernard Roth (USA)
1980-1983 Bernard Roth (USA) Arcady P. Bessonov (USSR) Adam Morecki (Poland) H. Rankers (The Netherlands) Elizabeth Filemon (Hungary) Mark S. Konstantinov (Bulgaria) Kurt Luck (German Democratic Rep) M.O.M. Osman (Cxanada) J.M Prentis (United Kingdom) Z. Zlvkovic (Yugoslavia)
1984-1987 Giovanni Bianchi (Italy) Mark S. Konstantinov (Bulgaria) Elizabeth Filemon (Hungary) J.M Prentis (United Kingdom) G. Bogelsack (GDR) K.V. Frolov (USSR) T. Hayashi (Japan) Jammi S. Rao (India) A. A. Seireg (USA) Jean Vertut (France)
1988-1991 Giovanni Bianchi (Italy) G. Bogelsack (GDR) L. Pust (CSSR) J.N Fawcett (United Kingdom) G. Dittrich (DDR) K.V. Frolov (USSR) T. Hayashi (Japan) Jammi S. Rao (India) A. Seireg (USA) Justo Nieto (Spain)
1992-1995 Adam Morecki (Poland) Terry E. Shoup (USA) L. Pust (CSSR) J.N Fawcett (United Kingdom) Jorge Angeles (Canada) Y. Chen (P.R. China) G. Dittrich (DDR) Y. Hori (Japan) Justo Nieto (Spain) Y. L. Sarkisyan (Armenia)
1996-1999 Jorge Angeles (Canada) Yukio Hori (Japan) Tatu Leinonen (Finland) Robert Bicker (United Kingdom) Arcady P. Bessonov (USSR) J. K. Davidson (USA) JeanClaude Guinot (France) Alberto Rovetta (Italy) Gabor Stefan (Hungary) Karl Wohlhart (Austria)
2000-2003 Kenneth J. Waldron (USA) JeanClaude Guinot (France) Tatu Leinonen (Finland) Robert Bicker (United Kingdom) Tian Huang (P.R. China) Manfred Hiller (Germany) Gabor Stefan (Hungary) Alberto Rovetta (Italy) H. Miura (Japan) Kristoff Kedzior (Poland)

(*): data are taken from the back covers of the IFToMM Journal Mechanism and Machine Theory and from information by current IFToMM officers.

Table B1: Chair of the IFToMM Permanent Commissions (°)

Term / Commissions 1969-1971 1971-1975 1975-1979 1979-1981 1982-1985 1986-1989 1990-1993 1994-1997 1998-2001 2002-2005
Mechanism and Machine Theory (Editor-in-Chief) John J. Uicker Jr. (USA) John J. Uicker Jr. (USA) John J. Uicker Jr. & Terry E. Shoup (USA) Terry E. Shoup (USA) Terry E. Shoup (USA) Terry E. Shoup (USA) Terry E. Shoup (USA) Terry E. Shoup (USA) Terry E. Shoup (USA) Terry E. Shoup (USA)
Communications   T. Pantelic (Yugoslavia)             Jorge Angeles (Canada) Constantinos Mavroidis (USA)
Education   R. Bogdan (Romania) M.S. Konstantinov (Bulgaria)           Kenneth J. Waldron (USA) Kenneth J. Waldron (USA)
History of MMS Established in 1971 Jack Phillips (Australia) Jack Phillips (Australia) Jack Phillips (Australia) Elisabeth Filemon (Hungary) Elisabeth Filemon (Hungary) Teun Koetsier (The Netherlands) Teun Koetsier (The Netherlands) Marco Ceccarelli (Italy) Marco Ceccarelli (Italy)
Publications   E.R.J. Crossley (USA) & A. Bessonov (USSR) E.R.J. Crossley (USA) & A. Bessonov (USSR)     L. Maunder (UK)     Terry E. Shoup (USA) Vincenzo Parenti-Castelli (Italy)
Standardization of Terminology   D. Muster (USA) D. Muster (USA) G. Bogelsack (Germany) G. Bogelsack (Germany) J.M. Prentis (UK) J.M. Prentis (UK) T.E. Leinonen (Finland) T.E. Leinonen (Finland) Teodor Ionescu (Romania) Teodor Ionescu (Romania)
Constitution   Established in 1975 E.R.J. Crossley (USA) J. Oderfeld (Poland) J. Oderfeld (Poland) Bernard Roth (U.S.A.) Bernard Roth (U.S.A.) Giovanni Bianchi (Italy Adam Morecki (Poland) Jorge Angeles (Canada)
Nominating   A. Morecki (Poland) E.R.J. Crossley (USA)   Leonard Maunder (UK) Bernard Roth (USA) Bernard Roth (USA) Adam Morecki (Poland) Jorge Angeles (Canada) Jorge Angeles (Canada)
Service Award               Started in 1998 Terry E. Shoup (USA) Terry E. Shoup (USA)

(°): Data are taken from Minutes of the IFToMM Executive Council meetings and from information by current IFToMM officers.


Table B2: Chair of the IFToMM Technical Committees (°)

Term/Commissions 1969-1971 1971-1975 1975-1979 1979-1981 1982-1985 1986-1989 1990-1993 1994-1997 1998-2001 2002-2005
Computational Kinematics           Started in 1991 Barham Ravani (USA) Barham Ravani (USA) JeanPierre Merlet (France) JeanPierre Merlet (France)
Gearing     W. Dudley (USA) W. Dudley (USA)   Karl Stolzle (Germany)     V. Goldfarb (Russia) V. Goldfarb (Russia)
Human-machine Systems         Started in 1986 K.V. Frolov (U.S.S.R.) Kreystof Kedzior (Poland) Kreystof Kedzior (Poland) Kreystof Kedzior (Poland) V.P. Tregoubov (Russia)
Linkages and Cams   Started in 1975 K. Kunad (Germany) K. Kunad (Germany)   Fl. Duditza (Romania)     M. Vaclavik (Checz Republik) M. Vaclavik (Checz Republik)
Mechatronics             Started in 1994 Manfred Hiller (Germany) Manfred Hiller (Germany) Henrik Van Brussel (Belgium)
Micromachines               T. Hayashi (Japan) T. Hayashi (Japan) Alberto Rovetta (Italy)
Nonlinear Oscillations                 L. Pust (Checz Republik) Gabor Stepan (Hungary)
Reliability                   O.V. Berestnev
Robots and Manipulators     Bernard Roth (USA) Bernard Roth (USA)         Jena Claude Guinot (France) Jena Claude Guinot (France)
Rotordynamics     Started in 1977 Z. Parszewski (Poland) J.S. Rao (India) Yukio Hori (Japan) G. Diana (Italy) G. Diana (Italy) Neville Rieger (USA) Neville Rieger (USA)
Transportation Machinery                 Barham .Ravani (USA) Barham .Ravani (USA)

(°): Data are taken from Minutes of the IFToMM Executive Council meetings and from information by current IFToMM officers.

Short Report on MUSME 2002 - The International Symposium on Multibody Systems and Mechatronics

The International Symposium on Multibody Systems and Mechatronics, MUSME2002 was held in Mexico City, from 12 to 14 September 2002, under the auspices of IFToMM, the International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science, and FeIbIM, the Iberoamerican Federation for the Mechanical Engineering.

The MUSME2002 event has been a new conference initiative to bring attention to mechatronic multibody systems in the IFToMM and FeIbIM communities. The aim of MUSME2002 has been also established as an international forum where students can learn the last achievements in the fields and have contacts with researchers.

Modern systems can be considered as integrated systems that can be properly studied, designed, and operated by using Mechatronics viewpoints, even considering the multibody architecture. Indeed, multibody system Kinematics and Dynamics can be thought as fundamental disciplines for Mechatronic approaches in designing and operating modern systems.

The MUSME2002 event was scheduled in the Latin America region in order to help and promote the development of Mechatronics in this part of the world. Nevertheless, participants came from all around the world and a very good response with the final acceptance of 35 qualified papers was obtained. Plenary lectures were given by Prof. Toshio Fukuda from Nagoya University (Japan) on "Mechanisms and Control Mechatronic Systems with Higher Degrees of Freedom" and by Prof. Manfred Hiller from Duisburg University (Germany) on "Mechatronic Design in Automative Systems". The President of FeIbIM, Prof. Francisco Alba, and the Secretary General, Prof. Tatu Leinonen participated, and in the opening act they stressed the significance of the initiative, and additionally the link between the two federations.

CD-Rom Proceedings were given to registered participants without copyright in order to give the possibility to the authors to publish their works in suitable journals. About 126 students, who mainly came from Mexico City, attended the MUSME2002 program. Many of them were Master's students interested in MUSME2002 because of the above-mentioned aspect of integration between Mechatronics and Multibody Systems Dynamics.

The MUSME 2002 has been considered a success and therefore a Scientific Committee has been established with Marco Ceccarelli appointed as Chairman in order to repeat the event every four years in different sites around the world, still under the auspices of IFToMM and FeIbIM. The next MUSME event has been scheduled for the year 2005 at the University of Uberlandia (Brazil), and we invite the readers to contribute with their works and promote attendance of students, who are our future.

Mexico City and Cassino, September 2002

Prof. Mario Acevedo (Co-Chairman for MUSME2002)
Panamerican University of Mexico City, Mexico

Prof. Marco Ceccarelli (Co- Chairman for MUSME2002)
University of Cassino, Italy