Last Updated: December 2006
Maintained by: Professor Leila Notash, Editor

President’s Column

In the coming year the focus of IFToMM will be the World Congress scheduled to take place in the beautiful and historic city of Besançon in France from June 18th to 21st. Our colleagues, Jean-Pierre Merlet and Marc Dahan have been working very hard to make this a truly outstanding event. The Executive Council met in Besançon in 2005 and inspected the facility to be used, and the available accommodation. I can report that the facility is first class. The city of Besançon is at the foot of the Jura Mountains, part of the Alps and is almost surrounded by a loop of the Doubs river. It is a picturesque setting with a history going back to before Roman times.

The first round of the paper review process is nearing completion, so it is time to get serious about planning travel. There are actually a number of good ways to get to Besançon depending on the direction you are coming from, so don’t assume that you have to fly into Paris. Frankfurt or Zurich may be viable alternatives.

There are a number of important items of business that will be placed before the General Assembly at the World Congress. One of these will be a proposed increase in the dues IFToMM charges Member Organizations. This is never popular, and the dues have remained fixed for eight years now. Nevertheless, it is becoming increasingly difficult to balance the budget of the organization without cutting activities that our members have told us they regard as important.

We do need nominations for the IFToMM Society Awards that will be presented at the World Congress: Honorary Member, Award of Merit, and Dedicated Service Award.

Honorary Membership within IFToMM has been established to recognize a lifetime of accomplishments in machine and mechanism science for engineers and scientists with international reputations whom the Federation wishes to honor.

The Award of Merit recognizes an exceptionally significant achievement in the science of machines and mechanisms. The achievement must be an important advance upon which subsequent work has built, or is expected to build. It may be an invention, a theoretical development, or a software artifact.  This award is the highest recognition for research in the science of machines and mechanisms.

Dedicated Service Awards are presented by the Federation to honor persons who have provided dedicated voluntary service marked by outstanding performance, demonstrated effective leadership, prolonged and committed service, devotion, enthusiasm and faithfulness.

Any member of the IFToMM community may suggest nominees for these awards to the Awards Secretary: Teun Koetsier,, but please act quickly, since we are already close to the date at which the Executive Council must select awardees. There is more information in the IFToMM Awards Manual on the IFToMM web site.

Kenneth J. Waldron

Editor's Message

Dear readers:

This issue of the Newsletter contains a message from Professor Kenneth Waldron, IFToMM President, highlighting the IFToMM World Congress in 2007; a message from Professor Marco Ceccarelli, IFToMM Secretary General, regarding the IFToMM Executive Council and the IFToMM activities; as well as an update on the World Congress which will be held in Besançon, France, during June18-21, 2007.

In the Winter of 2006, the IFToMM webpage files were transferred to Queen’s University ( to, with the URL for the IFToMM webpage remaining as Since then, the IFToMM pages have been converted to “HTML” files (from “FLASH”) and have been revised/expanded. New sidebar menus and a “Site Map” for the IFToMM pages have been developed and many new pages have been created noting the date on the page if the information is updated. As well, the IFToMM Newsletters have also been transferred to the Queen’s Applied Science Faculty server at (from my homepage). I would appreciate any suggestions for further improvements of the IFToMM pages and will try to accommodate as many as possible.

To keep the contact information for the officers and also for the members of PCs and TCs up-to-date and also to protect the posted email addresses from Spam-Crawlers, Professor James Trevelyan, University of Western Australia, also a member of IFToMM EC, has created a database for the IFToMM officers and members. The latest version of the “HTML” files of all officers and also all members (affiliations, contact info with emails protected, and photos of IFToMM officers) are available from the IFToMM page. As an IFToMM officer, if your photo is not included please forward a head and shoulders photo to Dr. Trevelyan (

Following previous years’ initiatives on inviting the Chairs of Permanent Commissions and Technical Committees for their entries, I contacted the Chairs of the PCs, TCs and also General Assembly Committees. I would like to thank the IFToMM officers who contributed to this issue of the IFToMM Newsletter, and I look forward to receiving your contributions for the 2007 issue, preferably as a WORD document or in PDF format. Please note that the contributions are published in any of the four IFToMM official languages, English, French, German, and Russian. Contributions submitted in official languages other than English are expected to be accompanied by an English abstract.

Wishing you all a prosperous and peaceful Year 2007,

Leila Notash

2005 Meeting of IFToMM Executive Council

IFToMM visibility is increasing, as usual, in occasion of the IFToMM World Congress, that is scheduled in Besancon, France, on 17-21 June 2007 (see
The IFToMM World Congress will be also a very good opportunity to have meetings to discuss the plans for the future of IFToMM. Meetings of the Technical Committees (TCs) and Permanent Commissions (PCs) are planned to give the possibility to any individual  to participate as observer and to get better aware on the IFToMM activity. This is also a chance for individuals to be involved in the TCs and PCs by asking directly to TC/PC Chairs. The size of IFToMM is increasing and participation of many individuals as possible is strongly recommended in order to achieve activity and support at proper level for the worldwide IFToMM community.
In this last years the Executive Council has made great efforts in trying to make IFToMM structures more available for the IFToMM community and this process will continue with the help of the many new TC/PC Chairs.

The conference activity is increasing under the umbrella of IFToMM through conferences that are supported by IFToMM or are under the patronage of IFToMM, but even through conferences that are organized by the IFToMM members with a link to IFToMM. The hope is that more and more conference initiatives will be started mainly within the TC activity with events all around the world. Even traditional IFToMM conferences have been proposed with a renewed vision as directed to the new generations of researchers on MMS (Mechanism and Machine Science). Thus, for example ROMANSY has been planned in 2008 in Tokyo, Japan.

IFToMM journals are evolving to very good standards and wide circulation. The Executive Council has also auspicated that new IFToMM Journals will be started in a near future within the activity of the TCs in order to give larger and larger opportunity to publish achieved results in any specific area of MMS.

The concretization of the much optimism for the above-mentioned plans depends on the activity of IFToMM members, and PCs and TCs. But this needs participation of individuals.
IFToMM is a Federation of National/Territory Organizations as the only Members but its activity is mainly due to individuals within the above-mentioned frames.

Prof Marco Ceccarelli
IFToMM Secretary General 2004-07