Last Updated: December 2007
Maintained by: Professor Leila Notash, Editor

President’s Column

This is, of course, my last contribution as President of IFToMM. After 8 years I am certainly happy to hand over the baton to Marco, but there will be some regrets also. I do wish to thank my colleagues who have served so capably and energetically with me on the Executive Council, and also the chairs of our Permanent Commissions and Technical Committees. I particularly thank our Vice President, Tian Huang; our Secretary General, Marco Ceccarelli, who will shortly succeed me as President; and our Treasurer, Joe Rooney, who have helped me to lead the organization over the past four years. A special thanks also to my predecessor Jorge Angeles for his interest, and continuing involvement. He is a role model I will endeavor to follow as I make the transition to Past-President.

The World changes substantially in 8 years, and IFToMM has certainly also changed. Our journals are in a much stronger position than they were 8 years ago as a result of considerable hard work by the PC Publications, and the Task Force on Technical Communications. We now have a regular procedure and template for establishing sponsorship, or cooperation with a journal. There have been membership changes, including several new member organizations, but also, regrettably including the action of the General Assembly in terminating membership of three member organizations for chronic non-payment of annual dues. I believe we have put in place some changes that may not yet be apparent, but will greatly strengthen the financial operations of IFToMM in future years. That will, in turn, allow the organization to be more active in sponsoring new activities on behalf of the professional community we represent.

In the coming year the focus of IFToMM will return to the meetings we sponsor on an annual, or biennial basis, such as ROMANSY and ARK, and to our journals and other publications. We had a wonderful event at the World Congress in Besançon, France last June, so ably organized by our colleagues, Jean-Pierre Merlet and Marc Dahan.

It is my sad duty to, once again, note the passing of some of our colleagues. Professor Konstantin Frolov, who was an Honorary Member passed away in November. Also, I have just been informed of the passing of Professor Andrew Samuel on December 3rd. Andrew was, at one time, the Chief Delegate from Australia, and a long-time participant in IFToMM events. We offer our sympathy to the families and colleagues of both these people.

Kenneth J. Waldron

Editor's Message

Dear readers:

The new IFToMM Executive Council, elected at the General Assembly held during the 12th World Congress, will take office on January 1, 2008. Professor Kenneth Waldron completes his second term as the IFToMM President by the end of 2007 and will continue his contributions as the Past President. Professor Marco Ceccarelli’s tenure as the Secretary General ends in 2007 and he will carry on as the new President. Professor Yoshihiko Nakamura will be the Vice President, Professor Carlos López-Cajún will take on the position of Secretary General, and Dr. Joseph Rooney will continue his contributions as the Treasurer. An updated list of new EC will be posted on the Officers and Representatives page in January. I believe the IFToMM community has highly appreciated the contributions of all EC members since the inception of IFToMM in 1969.

The IFToMM webpage ( continued to evolve in 2007; it has been expanded and rearranged continuously since it was transferred to Queen’s University ( in 2006. The “Site Map” for the IFToMM pages, developed in 2006, summarizes the content of the site, and is great for quick navigation. The new additions include pages on About IFToMM, Honors and Awards, and Terminology.

  • The About IFToMM page has been developed to provide more information on the IFToMM. Currently, it includes the historical background, and a flyer; more information about the present status and activities of IFToMM, as well as future directions, will be posted as the documents will be available.
  • The Honors and Awards page includes the detailed procedure for nominations, prepared by Professor Teun Koetsier, and the list of IFToMM Living Honorary Members and recipients of Award of Merit and Award of Dedicated Service. The EC has been encouraging all the awardees to provide a short biography to be posted on the IFToMM webpage, and I have contacted all the awardees for whom I have their email addresses.
  • The Terminology page summarizes the projects that the Permanent Commission on Standardization of Terminology has been involved with, including the Electronic IFToMM Dictionary. Please provide your comments about the online dictionary to Dr. Antonius Klein-Breteler, Chair of PC Terminology. We are experiencing some font related problems because of the server configurations. It is hoped that these problems will be resolved early in 2008. Meanwhile, the link to the IFToMM dictionary at TU Delft, posted on the Terminology page, could be used.

While many of the pages of the IFToMM webpage are now almost complete, more work is required regarding the webpages of the Permanent Commissions, Technical Committees and Member Organizations. I will look forward to receiving information on the pages of the PCs, TCs and MOs, and will post and/or update them on the Links page as soon as I have the pertinent information.

Professor James Trevelyan, a member of IFToMM EC, has been continuing his contributions to the IFToMM webpage by maintaining the database he created for the IFToMM officers and members in 2006. The latest version of the “HTML” files of all officers and members (affiliations, contact info with emails protected, and photos of IFToMM officers) are available from the IFToMM page. As an IFToMM officer, if your photo is not included there please forward a head and shoulders photo to Dr. Trevelyan.

If your PC, TC, and/or MO is organizing a conference and/or workshop, please note that during the 12th World Congress, the IFToMM Executive Council decided that all the requests for posting the conference announcements on the IFToMM webpage should be approved by the EC. The sponsorship application form for the conferences and workshops is available from the Conferences and Sponsorship page of the IFToMM webpage.

I would like to thank all IFToMM officers who contributed to this issue of the IFToMM Newsletter, and I look forward to receiving your contributions for the 2008 issue, preferably as a WORD document or in PDF format. Please note that the contributions are published in any of the four IFToMM official languages, English, French, German, and Russian. Contributions submitted in official languages other than English are expected to be accompanied by an English abstract.

Wishing you all a prosperous and peaceful Year 2008,

Leila Notash

2007 Meeting of IFToMM Executive Council

The 40th IFToMM Executive Council Meeting was held in Besançon, France  on 17 and 22 June 2007 at Micropolis, the site of the 2007 IFToMM World Congress. As usual, the status and problems of IFToMM activity have been discussed resulting in a very full agenda. As has been done in the past at the World Congress, the meeting was divided into parts, one immediately before the World Congress, and one immediately after. In this way we are able to deal with changes resulting from meetings of the TC’s and PC’s during the Congress. Many of the main points of discussion related to reports of activity by Permanent Commissions (PC’s) and Technical Committees (TC’s), reports of the EC Working Groups (WG’s), the Treasurer’s report, and  the report of  Organizing Committee for 12th IFToMM World Congress.

The Secretary General Prof Ceccarelli reported on his direction of the business and correspondence of IFToMM. In particular, he has managed email postal ballots among the EC members on a number of matters that required decisions and actions before the annual meeting. He also reported as Chair of the WG for a campaign of information. This working group produced three posters and a flyer that have been circulated at the 2007 IFToMM World Congress and have been given to IFToMM officers for further distribution.

The Executive Council has decided to establish a manual for EC Regulations in which procedures and rules that need to be codified, but which do not need to be embodied in the Constitution and Bylaws will be collected. These EC Regulations will be posted on the IFToMM web page so as to be available for all of the IFToMM community.

During the EC meeting several specific problems arose and resulted in the establishment of new Working Groups that will report to the next meeting of the Executive Council. Namely, Working Groups are established for Future Directions of IFToMM and for Identification of the Benefits of participation in IFToMM in order to further promote the organization. Working Groups were also established for Review and Evaluation of TC’s, and a working group for Development of a Template for submission of IFToMM Conference Proceeding papers.

The Task Force for IFToMM Journals presented its final report, including a general model for a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for any IFToMM sponsored journal.

The provision of IFToMM patronage and use of the IFToMM logo for conferences was discussed at some length. Participation has been approved for many conferences that will be held next year with collaboration of MO’s and TC’s. In order to regularize the process of approval for IFToMM participation in conferences, a procedure has been formulated for EC approval, and to ensure proper visibility of the conference activity by timely posting of announcements on the IFToMM webpage.

The Honors Secretary, Professor Koetsier and President Waldron reported on the collection of nominations for the IFToMM Honors and Awards. The EC has considered suitable the nominees who have been received for the IFToMM Honor membership, IFToMM Dedicated Service Award, and Award of Merit. The EC forwarded the list of awardees to the General Assembly for approval. The discussion has also pointed out the desirability of making some IFToMM Awards with annual frequency under the responsibility of the EC only. The IFToMM Honorary membership will be maintained with four year frequency. Other IFToMM Awards may be presented during IFToMM supported conferences.

The treasurer’s report detailed the financial status of IFToMM by stressing still some problems that are related to arrears due from a few member organizations. Nevertheless, following the clearly set out procedures of the IFToMM Constitution the Treasurer Dr Rooney has presented a proposal for the expulsion of 4 MO’s that have many years in arrears and which have not responded to enquiries and warnings. The matter is to be placed before the IFToMM General Assembly on June 20, 2007. During the World Congress a MO has expressed the availability to help other MO’s with some support and the EC has discussed a procedure by establishing a specific donors fund within the IFToMM finance that will be handled by the Treasurer in collaboration with the President and Secretary General.

 The Treasurer presented in detail the case for increasing the membership annual fee by 20%. The Executive Council concurred in the Treasurer’s concerns and supported presentation of this proposal to the General Assembly for approval.

The Dr Rooney, Chair of the Working Group for application of differentiated fees in IFToMM supported conferences has presented the report of that working group including a procedure that will be published in the EC Regulations.

The Chair of the WG for future directions has presented a report based on the proposal by Professor Rovetta to involve IFToMM in the INFOVERTY initiative by ONU and UNESCU. Some perplexity has been expressed about this activity since the mission of IFToMM as presented by its Constitution does not include actions that have political or social foci.

The Chairs Dr Merlet and Prof Dahan of French Organizing Committee have reported on the program and organization of a very successful 11th IFToMM World Congress. The Congress, held in Besançon, France from 17 to 21 June 2007 had  participation from about 600  registrants from all around the world. More than 750 papers from 52 countries were submitted from which 535 were accepted. The Proceedings will be available for public consultation and downloading on the IFToMM webpage. The World Congress has been a success also from the financial viewpoint since the organizers were able to return the funds provided by IFToMM for support of the Congress plus funds from a surcharge on the registration fees. Thus the rule that IFToMM supported conferences should be budgeted to return support funds after the meeting was honored. Like other similar organizations, IFToMM needs to gain positive financial return from conference and meeting activities, rather than those activities being a financial drain, as in the past.

The next meeting of the IFToMM Executive Council has been scheduled for July 5, 2008 in Tokyo during the ROMANSY 2008 conference.

The minutes of the meeting, and corresponding appendices are available for public consultation on the IFToMM webpage

Professor Kenneth J. Waldron
President of IFToMM

Professor Marco Ceccarelli
IFToMM Secretary General 2004-2007