pdfSecond Call of Nominations for IFToMM Executive Council 2016

Dear Chairs of IFToMM Member Organizations (MOs):

As Chair of NC, this is to report you the activity of the IFToMM Nominating Committee (NC) on searching candidates for the next IFToMM Executive Council (EC) in the term 2016-19, within the Constitution prescribed deadline of one year before the next General Assembly that will be held during the IFToMM World Congress (WC) in Taipei on 21-25 October 2015.

Please find attached the report with the slate of nominees, who have been received after the several Calls and even personal contacts. You will find my candidature for the position of President since, although the NC has asked even with personal contacts, we did not receive candidature(s) for President position and as Chair of NC I feel the obligation to ensure a candidature to fill all the positions for the next EC.

Therefore, because of my candidature to IFToMM presidency, this is to resign from the position of Chair of NC and leave the chairmanship of the NC to prof. Carlos Lopez-Cajùn, who as past Secretary General has accepted the obligation in agreement with all the other NC members.


Sincerely Yours
prof. Marco Ceccarelli
Past President of IFToMM (2008-2011)

Cassino, 12 October 2014