1. Desirable Terminology

2. Procedure for nominating members of PCs and TCs

3. Procedure to start a new TC or PC

4. Procedure for the announcements in IFToMM webpage

5. Classification of IFToMM Journals

6. Templates of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

7. Procedure for patronage and support of conferences by IFToMM

8. Procedure for indexing the Proceedings of IFToMM sponsored Conferences

9. Manual and Procedure for IFToMM Honors and Awards

10. Guidelines for IFToMM World Congress

11. Categories and Manual for IFToMM best paper awards at IFToMM sponsored conferences

12. Procedure for application of differentiated conference fees

13. Operation of Working Groups

14. Schedule of IFToMM supported conferences

15. IFToMM international student Olympiad

16. Late reports of PCs and TCs Chairs

17. Donation procedure and donators list

18. Procedure for plagiarism and ethic issues

19. Young Delegate Program

20. IFToMM Fellowship

21. Procedure for Evaluation of MOs in Hardship

22. Forms (in Appendices)


pdfIFToMM Manual Of Procedures 4 December 2018


1. pdfIFToMM Procedures Manual Appendix - Forms (7 May 2017)

2a. MOU Template for Affliated Journals

2b. MOU Template for Affiliated Book Series

2c. MOU Template for Relationships with Other Societies/Federations

3a. Manual for IFToMM Honours and Awards

3b. pdfManual for Best Paper Awards

4. Regulations for IFToMM International Student Olympiad

5. Maunal for YDP (Young Delegate Program)

6. Guidelines for IFToMM World Congress