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TC Linkages and Mechanical Controls website:


The objectives of the TC:

  • to define new directions for research and development in mechanisms science, with special attention to linkages, cams and mechanical controls
  • to establish contacts and meetings among researchers, software developers and design engineers from companies and academia in the fields of linkages and mechanical controls
  • to promote the exchange of information through journals, conferences and the web page of the Technical Committee
  • to support initiatives for editorial works and the celebration of conferences, topic-specific symposia, formation events like summer schools in the field of linkages and mechanical controls
  • to support IFToMM sponsored national and international conferences in the review process for topics related to linkages, cams and mechanical controls
  • to issue and give a certificate to the TC members with valuable contributions, preferably with a diploma format like the one for IFToMM awards.

The main topics of the TC:

  • theoretical and computational kinematics
  • mechanism analysis and synthesis
  • mechanism design
  • experimental mechanics
  • control issues of mechanical systems
  • mechanical transmissions
  • linkages and manipulators
  • industrial and non-industrial applications
  • dynamics of mechanisms
  • micro mechanisms.