IFToMM Archives at CISM, Udine (Italy)

Address for the IFToMM Archives at CISM:

Ms. Marika Minisini 
CISM - International Centre for Mechanical Sciences
IFToMM Archives at CISM
Palazzo del Torso, Piazza Garibaldi 18
33100 UDINE, Italy
Ph. +39 0432 248511 (6 lines), Fax. +39 0432 248550
e-mail: info@cism.it


Responsible Persons:

Prof. Olga Egorova
Bauman University - Moscow
cuba2006@inbox.ru, ol-rom@list.ru

Prof. Dr. Alessandro Gasparetto

e-mail: gasparetto@uniud.it
Directly responsable for the IFToMM Archive
Università degli Studi di Udine
Dipartimento di Ingegneria
Elettrica, Gestionale e Meccanica (DIEGM)
Via delle Scienze, 208-33100 Udine (UD)- Italy
Tel +390432558257
Fax: +390432558251
e-mail: gasparetto@uniud.it

Location of the IFToMM Archive

The IFToMM Archive is located in the office marked "IFToMM" on the first floor on the rear side of the CISM building with a window overlooking the park that used to be the garden of the palace in which CISM is established at the moment. The building is inside somewhat confusing. To get to the IFToMM Archive cross the inner court to the rear side of the building, take the door on the right, go to the first floor.
The IFToMM Archive consist of three cupboards marked "IFToMM Archive".

pdfIFToMM-Archive updated May 2017

pdfIFToMM-Archive updated June 2016