The IFToMM Constitution and By-Laws (no.3.9) states that one individual can be member of any PC or TC. A MO can have unlimited number of individuals in each PC/TC but the MO representatives may have only one vote expression. A TC/PC must have at least five members, in addition to the Chair, as representative of at least three MOs.

An individual, who is not affiliated to the IFToMM MO of her/his territory, can be appointed as PC/TC observer. An individual from a territory with no IFToMM MO can be appointed as a PC/TC observer, with voice, but not vote normally for one term with the aim to promote IFToMM membership from his/her territory organization.

Nomination of an individual as member of a TC/PC can be submitted to the chairperson of the corresponding TC/PC by Chairs of MOs, Chair of PCs/TCs, or any individual. It is recommended to provide the docxNew Member PC-TC Nomination Form with a

    • short CV of the candidate,
    • a letter of recommendation by the corresponding MO Chair, and a
    • letter of interest by the candidate.

The nomination can be discussed within the PC/TC and if the nomination is accepted by the TC/PC it will be submitted to the Executive Council by the chairperson of the TC/PC or its representative using this online form. The Executive Council will consider the nominations during the annual meeting or tele-meeting and will approve or not the new nominations and the full list of PC/TC members. In addition, the following procedure will be adopted at EC annual meetings:

    • PC/TC Chairs will check the complete list of PC/TC members one month in advance to EC meeting, and will submit indication of the new and terminating members.
    • Violations of the PC/TC membership rules will be solved under the responsibility of PC/TC Chairs in direct contact with violator members, one month before the EC meeting.
    • Silent PC/TC members will be ignored in updating PC/TC member lists at the EC meeting or tele-meeting after suggestion of PC/TC Chairs.