Announcements of information that is interested to IFToMM community can be submitted to the chair of PC Communications. The Chair of PC Communication will consult the Secretary General depending on the matter who can approve the announcement or ask further opinion to the President and in case to the whole EC. Once approved, an announcement will be posted in the suitable item in IFToMM web page.


The IFToMM webpage offers space for MO/PC/TC to post their announcement for benefit of IFToMM community. The procedure is following:

  1. The announcement information is filled in a form and send to the Chair, PC Communication.
  2. The docform is available for download from IFToMM web page.
  3. The Chair, PC Communication can approve or if necessary consults with the Secretary General for approval.
  4. The Secretary General can approve or if necessary ask opinion of President or EC for approval.
  5. The Chair, PC Communication informs the web master to post the announcement in IFToMM Webpage.
  6. The announcement should be revised or removed in certain period of time.