Any IFToMM member, any IFToMM Permanent Commission, and any IFToMM Technical Committee are entitled to organize conference events under the auspices/patronage of IFToMM. However the following procedure is required to obtain formal approval and at least authorization of using IFToMM logo.


  1. A proponent will submit a written proposal with at least one year in advance to the event, to the IFToMM Secretary General who will bring the proposal to the attention to IFToMM Executive Council with supporting information and a recommendation.
  2. The IFToMM Executive Council will make a final decision on whether to support sponsorship, co-sponsorship or collaboration during its annual meeting, or as a result of an email vote.
  3. The Secretary General will communicate the decision of the Executive Council to the proponent and to the Chair of the PC Communications in order to post conference information on the IFToMM webpage.


In particular, proposals that also request financial support from IFToMM must be:


  1. Advocated by either the Chair of the corresponding IFToMM member, an IFToMM Permanent Commission, or an IFToMM Technical Committee.
  2. IFToMM financial support will depend on the judgment of the IFToMM Executive Council, after a recommendation by the IFToMM Treasurer with the condition of return of part or the full amount of the given support after the conference event.
  3. Any funding provided by IFToMM will be routed through the most relevant Technical Committee or Permanent Commission.
  4. An accounting of the expenditure of the given IFToMM support must be submitted by the conference organizers to the IFToMM Treasurer within three months of the end of the event.
  5. The organizers of any conference event, that has received IFToMM sponsorship, co-sponsorship or collaboration, with or without financial support, will send a copy of the proceedings or published material from the conference to the IFToMM archive e within three months of the end of the event, with notification to the Secretary General, and the Chair of the Permanent Commission for History of MMS.


The online form is located here together with an docagreement to be signed once the sponsorship is approved by the IFToMM Executive Council.

Deadlines and conditions:

  • Submissions with less that 12 months on advance to the event will be considered for sponsorship only.
  • Submissions will be evaluated by the EC at the beginning of April, August, and December, with records to be included in the meetings of the nearest annual EC meeting.
  • Support can be asked with a maximum of 2,000 USD for conference organization and four (4) YDP grants, but the EC will decide as function of the number of requests and available budget for the each year.
  • Request of sponsorship should be accompanied by a draft of the Call for paper for giving general information on the event.