1. The aim of this guidelines document is to provide general indications to have common frames and outputs for IFToMM World Congresses. Local constraints should not affect the generalities of those indications in order to preserve the IFToMM character of the congress event. Any adjustment and update will be coordinated with the Executive Council and approved by the Executive Council both in temporary solutions and final modifications.
    Guidelines refer to:
    Congress Organization, Composition and roles of Organizing Committee
    Webpage and Call for Papers
    Deadlines and Submission procedure, Promotion of paper submission and Review process
    Registration procedure and fees
    Best Paper Awards and Awards Committee
    Sponsors, grants, and exhibition
    Accommodation and Transportation

  2. Congress Organization, Composition and Roles of Organizing Committee
    The Congress Organizing Committee will include at least:

    General Chair, who is responsible in front of General Assembly and Executive Council for which she/he is corresponding person; she/he will be in strict contact with the Chair of Member Organization hosting Congress.
    The co-chair may be established.
    Honorary Advisory Board
    International Steering Committee

    Technical Program Chair, who is responsible of the technical programming of the Congress with scientific and social events, including the call for papers, establishment of invited sessions, organization of tutorials, and supervision of the review process. The chairs should invite all IFToMM Technical Committee chairs to be the member of WC Technical Program Committee.
    Best Paper Award Committee Chair, who is responsible of the procedure for the Best Paper Awards of the Congress. This chair can be independent of the Organizing Committee but will be linked to it.
    Young Delegate Program Chair, who is responsible for management of young delegate awards, includes receiving applications, review, decision and issue the grant.
    Secretary General, who is responsible for local logistics and event programs during the Congress, including congress registration, banquet program, exhibition, participant relationship.
    Promotion Committee Chair, who is in charge of promotion of paper submission, publicity, industrial and government relation.
    Administration Chair, who is responsible of administration affairs and budget reports.
    Communication Chair, who is responsible of publication and of communication means, like secretariat, web page.
    Chair for Transportation & Visa, who is responsible for providing frames for transportation during the Congress and facilitating VISA to Congress participants in due advance.
    The above Chairs will be appointed by the General Chair and approved by the Executive Council. They will share the responsibility of the Congress organization.
    Congress Organization will report to the Executive Council every year. It includes the technical program, including at least 3 keynote speakers, and social program with possible technical visits, events after the Congress. Keynote speakers will be approved by the Executive Council within an annual report and will be announced within the Congress programs. Exhibition program will be planned to include inviting companies, publishers, research institutions to have exhibition during the Congress.
    Congress Program will be announced as a preliminary program at least three years in advance and will be posted in the Congress webpage. Final program will be fixed at the latest 3 months before the Congress and will be posted in both Congress and IFToMM webpages. Both programs will be approved by the Executive Council.
    The following IFToMM events will be scheduled in the Congress program:
    Executive Council meeting in one day to one and half day before the Congress and half day after the Congress;
  3. General Assembly with a time duration of three to five hours, can be held in one afternoon before the last day of the Congress, after Congress sessions and before the Congress banquet.
    Webpage and Call for Papers
    Web page will be opened 36 months before the date of the world congress. It will be kept continuously updated and remains open at least 48 months after the world congress. Call for Papers will be prepared and launched at least 3 years before the Congress with the standard format and content of previous Congress.
    Deadlines and Submission procedure, Promotion of paper submission and Review process
    Paper submission deadlines will be fixed with the following schedule: Full paper submission close: 10-9 months before the Congress
    Review output: 7-5 months before the Congress
    Revised final paper submission: 5-4 months before the Congress Final acceptances judgment: 5-4 months before the Congress
    Submission will be worked out through a web system within the Congress Webpage. Full papers only will be solicited with a format according to IFToMM template.
    Proceedings will be made as CD, but printed copies must be available and one proceedings set will be sent to IFToMM Archive. The proceedings will be indexed in the main world frames.
    Promotion of paper submission
    The Communication Chair in the Organizing Committee is responsible to promote the paper submission by all means. Each PC/TC Chair has duty to organize regular and/or special sessions and exchange the status with the General Chair and the Executive Council at least 12 months before the congress. A PC/TC Chair is also responsible for invited speakers for the organized sessions. The term “organize” means to contact or invite potential authors to submit the paper in due time. Each Member Organization Chair will announce the Call for Papers to its members and encourage the paper submission since the launch of the first Call for Papers. Each IFToMM conference, symposium and workshop should also promote the World Congress by post of call for papers copies and verbal announcement during the event.
    Review process
    The Review process will be handled under responsibility of Technical Program Chair in coordination with the P C / TC chairs. PC / TC Chairs will handle group of papers in the fields of PC/TC interests. Review will be planned according to the following plan:
    Paper transfer to TC chair: 8-7 months before the Congress,
    Review output from PC/TC chair: 7-6 months before the Congress,
    Final review judgment: 6-5 months before the Congress
    If necessary, the final acceptance judgment will be asked also by the PC/TC Chair.
    A PC/TC Chair will distribute papers for review among PC/TC members. In case a PC/TC member will not reply in time the PC/TC Chair will work the paper review to fulfill the review deadline. In case a PC/TC Chair will not reply in time the Program Chair will organize the review with suitable backup reviewers at her/his hands. At least two reviews per papers will be provided.
    Registration procedure and fees
    Registration schedule will be linked to paper submission timing with the deadline of the final paper acceptance. Registration will be handled via web through the Congress webpage.
    Fees will be fixed in agreement with IFToMM rules with reduced fee for MO affiliated individuals, after approval by General Assembly and in case of update by the Executive Council.
    One registration fee will cover up to 2 papers from one author. For the additional papers, author will pay for extra paper charge.
    The IFToMM MO student fee will be 70% of the IFToMM MO regular fee. Non-IFToMM MO student fee will be 70% of regular fee for non-IFToMM MO. And Non-IFToMM MO registration fee is 110% of the fee for IFToMM MO's.
    Best Paper Awards and Awards Committee
    Congress Best Paper Awards will be scheduled as indicated in the Manual of the IFToMM procedures. The chair will appoint 3-5 committee members with consent of the General Chair at least one -year prior of the Congress. The committee is to identify the best papers which were physically presented in the Congress. If possible, Awards can be scheduled also for specific areas in coordination with PC/TCs and for subjects that are supported by external supporters, like publishers, companies, and institutions. The Award ceremony will be scheduled during the Congress banquet with the following sequence: Best Paper awards, IFToMM awards, and IFToMM honorary memberships. The Award Ceremony will be coordinated with the IFToMM President for a proper timing and recipient presentations.
    Sponsors, grants, and exhibition
    Sponsors, grants, and exhibition will be solicited by the Organizing Committee since just after the approval of the Congress in coordination with the Executive Council. IFToMM Young Delegate Program will be advertised together with other grants that are supported by other entities.
    An Exhibition will be planned including preferably publishers, research institutes, and companies.
    Accommodation and Transportation
    Accommodation for participants will be planned in due advance and will be posted in the congress webpage in the preliminary program. Hotels and accommodation sites with maps will be offered at different suitable levels. Maps and information will be available in the congress webpage since the start of the webpage. Transportation facilities from/to accommodation sites and conference venue will be planned during the congress. Possibly, pick-up service will be planned from/to the airport near the congress city.
    Reports will be prepared on duty of the General Chair with the help of the Organizing Committee. Reports will at least include congress committees, congress technical program, registration data, paper statistics, participant statistics, call for paper, keynote speakers, recipients of best paper award, banquet activity, tour activity, financial statement, proceedings, list of participant database including affiliation and email, photos. The reports should be approved by the EC and archived. It will be submitted and presented preferably by the General Chair at the EC meetings. Reports will illustrate the advances of the organization, results and problems.