It is desirable to plan best paper awards at IFToMM sponsored conference at least with the following categories:

  • Best research paper
  • Best paper on application & practice
  • Best paper on industry/professional links
  • Best paper on formation activity

In addition, if possible for each category can be planned awards for young researchers (under the age of 36 years in the year) and for regular papers.

In the IFToMM world Congress and in multi-thematic conferences it is desirable to have the above categories as related to the topics of the IFToMM technical committees, when a suitable consistent number of papers are presented. For each award topic the corresponding IFToMM technical committee will be responsible to appoint an Award committee in coordination with the conference organizing committee. Each award committee will be composed at least by one member of the conference organizing committee and one member of IFToMM technical committee, who will be the chair of the Award committee.

The best paper awards will be provided with prizes or gifts, if available, and by a certificate having a common format similarly to the diplomas for the IFToMM Honors and awards (see Appendix 3a). The certificates will be issued by the Conference Organizing Committee in due time and a ceremony will be schedule during the conference banquet or another social event of the conference.

The manual is in pdfAppendix 3b.