The procedure is outlined in the IFToMM YDP Manual that is stored in a specific item of the IFToMM webpage.



Following the EC tele-meeting on June 13, 2018, the following recommendation are to be adopted as far as the YDP budget is concerned: 

  • To eliminate spikes in YDP budget allocation, yearly YDP should include a yearly allocation for the YDP support for the WC.
  • The YDP budget should be within IFToMM means without forcing the EC to approve a budget with deficit.
  • Based on prior figures, a strict yearly budget of $11,000 is recommended.
  • The above budget include a $3,000 YDP savings for the WC over three non-WC years while $6,000 is the budget allocated during WC year. This results in a total YDP budget of $15,000 (30 YDP units) for the WC.
  • After WC allocation is taken into consideration, the yearly YDP budget for events would be $8,000 (16 YDP units) for non-WC years and $5,000 (10 YDP units) for WC years.
  • Larger international conferences should get a larger allocation (at most 4 units).
  • Regional international events should get smaller allocation (at most 2 units).
  • National events should only be considered if there is budget leftover (at most 2 units).
  • Regional and national MOs should be encouraged to create their own national Young Delegate Program supported by the regional/national MOs.