The Fellowship status can be understood quite clearly worldwide as a recognition mainly of scientific merit.  IFToMM Fellowship is the recognise contributors in the fields of MMS when linked to MO/IFToMM community not necessarily linked to a service in IFToMM but with an active participation in IFToMM activity. The fellowship is a life-long recognition to active participants in IFToMM scientific activity.

1 – A specific number of Fellows per MO is not determined but the EC, as Award Committee, will evaluate and give the Fellowship on the base of merit. However, a limited number of nominations will be accepted each year.

2 – The Fellowship status may be given by the EC as IFToMM Award Committee upon nominations that must be supported by the corresponding MO chair.

The fellowship status will be under the responsibility of MOs both in offering them and maintaining the records (within their databases in IFToMM) after an approval by the IFToMM Award Committee, we may think to outline a procedure with the following steps:

  • - Nomination with nominee’s CV together with at least 2 letters of support in a nomination form (similar to the award form, in enclosure) that is submitted to IFToMM Award Committee by the MO chair; a nomination will include motivation and CV of the nominee and will be supported by letters of support (at least from the MO Chair and corresponding PC/TC Chair).
  • - Evaluation of the nomination by the Award Committee in checking scientific merit and link to IFToMM/MO community of the nominee.
  • - The submission will be once per year with deadline two months before the annual EC meeting. Results will be announced one month after the EC meeting.
  • - On positive evaluation, the fellowship status is given with a Diploma in electronic form signed by the President. A ceremony can be on duty of MO.
  • - The MO chair will be responsible to keep record of the mention of the fellowship recognition in MO community and in the list of MO representatives in IFToMM records (webpage, minutes of the EC meeting and list of IFToMM Fellows in the webpage).

with the following requirements:

  • - The fellowship recognition cannot be given posthumously.

The Award Committee will consider the condition of MO in good standing with no more than one-year arrears as a requirement for the eligibility of fellowship proposal.


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docxDiploma Template