Recommendations to the President for the Delegation of Duties

pdfIFToMM Constitution Bylaws 2019

Under By-Law 3.9 the President may assign specific duties to each member of the Executive Council.

Such duties may be the following.

  1. To manage the external affairs of the Federation:
    • to develop and maintain relations with UNESCO and other international organizations,
    • to provide for affiliation of the Federation with such organizations,
    • to bring new Members into the Federation.
  2. To manage the internal affairs of the Federation: General Assembly, Member Organizations; Permanent Commissions and Technical Committees.
  3. To work closely with one or more Permanent Commissions or Technical Committees, and to serve as a liaison between these and the Executive Council.
  4. To seek financial support from foundations, industry and organizations, and in particular to underwrite or support exhibitions, conferences, and publications.